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Group Members

Dr. Cristian Viespe, Head of group


Research interests: SAW sensors, LW-SAW biosensors, thin films, laser microprocessing
e-mail: cristian.viespe@inflpr.ro

Dr. Dana Miu


Research interests: thin films, nanocomposites with improved optical and magnetic properties, superconducting thin films, sensors
e-mail: dana.miu@inflpr.ro

Dr. Cornelia Sima


Research interests: biological applications of QD, thin films, dye sensitized solar cells, quantum dot solar cells
e-mail: cornelia.sima@inflpr.ro

Dr. Ionut Nicolae


Research interests: nanopowders, QD, nanopatterning, sensors, laser microprocessing
e-mail: ionut.nicolae@inflpr.ro

Drd. Izabela Constantinoiu


Research interests: thin films, saw sensors, biomaterials
e-mail: izabela.constantinoiu@inflpr.ro

Alexandru Petcu